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courage to change

Meaningful change can be hard to achieve. Seeking professional help to explore what might be holding you back in a confidential environment with a registered psychotherapist can help facilitate the change you seek.

We are here to help

We offer therapeutic services that are tailored to your individual needs. Once we complete an initial assessment, your therapist will discuss your treatment path with you and provide you with the options that are best suited to you.

You may be experiencing...

Problematic relationships with co-workers, friends, and family
Loneliness or emptiness and feel no one is there for you
Deep unhappiness, difficulty experiencing joy, feeling cut off or dead inside
Concerns about your own or someone else’s alcohol, drug, or gambling use
Chronic health conditions that persist despite your efforts to find remedies
Chaotic, neglectful, or traumatic childhood or traumatizing adult events
Difficulty managing overwhelming emotions or sensations in the body
Difficulty relaxing, having to keep busy despite physical exhaustion
Struggling with body issues; you dislike how you look, or feel disconnected from your body
Recent diagnosis of depression anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, Addictions, Disordered Eating, or BPD
Reoccurring painful romantic relationships that you can’t leave despite feeling hurt, scared, or confused
A sense something keeps getting in the way of actualising your full potential and best life

Marryam Chehelnabi

Registered Clinical Psychotherapist
The name Changes Psychotherapy came from witnessing my client’s bravery in their quest to change, grow, and heal from all forms of human pain and suffering. Their strength and perseverance continue to inspire me and this fuels my passion to find the most effective clinical treatments for my clients.

Some of the teachers
that have influenced our approach

Need help?

How do I find the right therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist can be tricky, and good therapeutic outcomes depend on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. That’s why we offer an initial 15-minute zoom consultation (subject to waitlist delays) to help you assess if we are potentially a good fit. After this consult, if we agree, we’ll proceed to an assessment phase to explore the fit more closely.