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Weekend Workshops

All Inclusive 2-Day Retreat

Workshops are offered as an all-inclusive 2-day retreat, conducted in beautiful natural locations within a few hours’ drive from Sydney, NSW with your comfort in mind.

Workshops are wholistic well-being immersions designed to support your healing and growth and are faciliated by Guest Presenters, Therapists, and Changes Psychotherapy.

Register Your Interest

Register your interest now to receive more information and secure your spot in the next round of 2022-2023 offerings:

  • Sacred Rituals of Grief:

    The Lost Art of Collective Mourning

  • Becoming Me:

    Wholehearted Presence & Embodied Authenticity

  • Conscious Relationships:

    From Attachment Trauma to Neural Integration


Need help?

How do I choose the right
therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist can be tricky, and good therapeutic outcomes depend on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. That’s why we offer an initial 15-minute zoom consultation (subject to waitlist delays) to help you assess if we are potentially a good fit. After this consult, if we agree, we'll proceed to an assessment phase to explore the fit more closely.