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When agreeing to attend in-person sessions you are agreeing to abide by our safe work protocols and the following self-care preventive measures

  1. Please wait in the waiting room or outside the front doors and arrive exactly on time, to avoid coming into the room before we have disinfected it
  2. You will not attend in-person therapy if you feel any fever, cough, headache or are otherwise unwell. Instead, please notify me and we will make your session online
  3. Regardless of symptoms, those who test positive are advised to take specific precautions from the positive test date for at least 10 days before returning to in-person sessions
  4. If you have been in contact with anyone who has or recently had any symptoms of fever, cough or cold, please notify me and we will make your session online
  5. If you are suffering from allergies that cause you to cough or sneeze, please notify me, and we will make your session online
  6. You and the members of your household are taking seriously and adhering to the current Government guidelines regarding social distancing
  7. You are washing your hands often and are taking good hygienic care when using essential services outside of your home
  8. If you cough or sneeze during a session, you will do so in the opposite direction to me and towards your elbow
  9. Please sanitise your hands with the alcohol-based sanitiser provided on arrival
  10. Please bring your own drink bottle to your sessions
  11. Please remove your own tissues and take them with you after the session
  12. Bathroom facilities are available onsite. Please note this is a public restroom. Please sanitise your hands before and after use
  13. I will spray the room and furniture with antiseptic spray in between each session. Please note this may be an aerosol
  14. I undertake to similarly strictly follow all Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) health guidelines on safe COVID-19 practices