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Couples Therapy

Assessment Phase

As a Level III Gottman Method Therapist, Marryam follows a research-backed process to determine if couples therapy is suitable and if so, what your strengths are as a couple, and what areas may need support. This in-depth initial comprehensive assessment phase is designed to accurately assess your relationship and effectively determine the correct treatment approach and outlines the next steps. A thorough assessment provides an accurate picture of what has brought you to therapy and what will help you move forward, together. In the final assessment session, in-depth feedback and recommendations are provided, which may include progressing to Couples Therapy, Individual Therapy, or other specialist services. The assessment phase consists of four assessment sessions, upfront.

Treatment Phase

If Couples Therapy was recommended on completion of your assessment phase, you will be invited to proceed to weekly 50 or 75-minute sessions, subject to scheduling and availability. Each week, you will work through the goals you've set with your therapist and learn about the art and science of love. The Couples Therapy sessions will help enhance emotional and physical intimacy by showing you how to be authentic with your partner, assist you to break free from destructive habits that are holding you back in love, and show you how to approach conflict in effective and respectful ways, to develop a new satisfying relationship that promotes trust, emotional and sexual intimacy, deeper connection, fun, friendship, fulfilment, creativity and mutual support.

Marathon Couples Therapy

Marathon Couples Therapy is a good fit for couples who don’t live in the vicinity of a Certified Gottman Therapist, or for couples whose schedules do not allow for them to go to weekly therapy sessions, or who need help immediately. It is a powerful and dynamic therapy alternative to traditional weekly sessions and is offered for three consecutive days for six hours a day. In this highly focused approach you can have time to process past injuries that have never healed, understand how these injuries have impacted the relationship, learn and practice new communication skills to help you have more productive conversations, and rebuild. You will be treated with dignity and respect, throughout the process. Couples who have experienced this form of therapy usually describe it as life-changing and transformative.

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How do I choose the right
therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist can be tricky, and good therapeutic outcomes depend on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. That’s why we offer an initial 15-minute zoom consultation (subject to waitlist delays) to help you assess if we are potentially a good fit. After this consult, if we agree, we'll proceed to an assessment phase to explore the fit more closely.