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Group Therapy

Here and Now

This Psychotherapy Group is suitable for existing clients and focuses on the interpersonal dynamics in the here and now, that may otherwise remain unconscious. The group process can uncover unhelpful relational patterns, provide opportunities for corrective emotional and interpersonal experiences, and foster a personal sense of self in weekly experiential evening sessions. Subject to availability, eligibility criteria and clinical assessment.

Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness, aliveness, coherence, congruence, self-regulation, co-regulation, connection, joy, authenticity, creativity, and spontaneity.

Women's Circle

This Educational Support Group is suitable for women who wish to explore their relationship patterns and reduce trauma-related symptoms. The group can help develop emotion regulation skills, grounding and mindfulness techniques. Topics such as assertive communication, boundaries, attachment theory, and poly-vagal theory are covered. Sessions are skills-based and run weekly. Subject to availability, eligibility criteria and clinical assessment.

Sense of well-being, healthy boundaries, communication skills, self-regulation and co-regulation skills, and ability to identify safe and unsafe relationship behaviours.

Other Services

Need help?

How do I choose the right
therapist for me?

Finding the right therapist can be tricky, and good therapeutic outcomes depend on the quality of the therapeutic relationship. That’s why we offer an initial 15-minute zoom consultation (subject to waitlist delays) to help you assess if we are potentially a good fit. After this consult, if we agree, we'll proceed to an assessment phase to explore the fit more closely.